Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Saturday, April 23rd, my 26th birthday

On my birthday I met Chris in London and had a cooks tour. We started in burroughs market, early before it filled with tourists and you could still get tastes of things. There we bought things for dinner, looked around, and sampled some great cheeses. After that we went to Books for Cooks, a place a cook could loose them selves in. We walked through portebello road but the picked his gastronomically saturated brain, and we cooked dinner with Dawn, Chris's wife. Chris and Dawn are also from Seattle so not only was I treated to a fabulous meal, but I got a little bit of home. I couldn't have had a better birthday here.

Me in portabello road. I couldn't help but hum the song from bed knobs and broomsticks. We got a quick bratwurst from a vendor and got out of this maddening crowd. Way too many people here Posted by Hello


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