Tuesday, May 03, 2005

April 25th: adventures with Paul

On a monday I was given a tour of London by an Paul, who is from Ireland. I suppose who better to lead a foreigner around than another foreigner. Well, we covered quite a bit of ground, had a few snacks, and made it home by 5.

Doesn't Paul look thrilled to spend an afternoon with me?? Paul and I took the train into London on a Monday and he gave me the tour of the city. Ok, there it is, seen enough, lets go. We had dim sum in china town and fried seaweed. All in all it was a fun day Posted by Hello

west minster abbey Posted by Hello

Hey look kids, there's big ben! Posted by Hello

parliment with the clock tower Posted by Hello

The house of lords Posted by Hello

Covent gardens. This used to be the open air covered market for vegetables, food, stuff like that. Now it has fancy clothes stores and a flea market in the center. Paul and I had coffee here and a cornish pasty, which is like beef stew in a dough pouch. Posted by Hello

inside covent gardens Posted by Hello

inside covent gardens Posted by Hello

covent gardens Posted by Hello

me in picadilly circus Posted by Hello

picadilly circus Posted by Hello

the eye of london. Sounds kinda creepy but it's just a bit wheel. next to it is the aquarium Posted by Hello

trafalgar square Posted by Hello

trafallager square Posted by Hello

me in trafalager square Posted by Hello

me in a red box Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 23rd, my 26th birthday

On my birthday I met Chris in London and had a cooks tour. We started in burroughs market, early before it filled with tourists and you could still get tastes of things. There we bought things for dinner, looked around, and sampled some great cheeses. After that we went to Books for Cooks, a place a cook could loose them selves in. We walked through portebello road but the picked his gastronomically saturated brain, and we cooked dinner with Dawn, Chris's wife. Chris and Dawn are also from Seattle so not only was I treated to a fabulous meal, but I got a little bit of home. I couldn't have had a better birthday here.

Me in portabello road. I couldn't help but hum the song from bed knobs and broomsticks. We got a quick bratwurst from a vendor and got out of this maddening crowd. Way too many people here Posted by Hello

A distorted picture, but this is Books For Cooks. Inside I found the largest collection of books for cooks that I have ever thought possible. I spent most of my time with the El Bulli book, also the Buchon book. We could have stayed for hours but there was food in the bag waiting to get home. Posted by Hello

Here is me on the morning of my birthday at the gates of Burroughs market. Inside Chris and I would explore and find the makings of my birthday dinner that he and his wife so kindly invited me over for.  Posted by Hello

Oh boy, do I ever wish there was a cheese shop like this in Seattle..... I'd be in heaven, and in pants a few sizes bigger. With a simple request, "what's showing well today?" Chris and I were given tastes of so many beautuful cheeses, all brittish. Niels yard the shop is called. It will be a pilgrimage for me each time I go into london from now on. Posted by Hello

My favorite shot of the market, these beautiful scallops on the half shell. I was told that in america, the coral would be grey instead of this striking orange.  Posted by Hello

hoof to knee, looks like we are eating the calf Posted by Hello

Pricey little ham Posted by Hello

ham being sliced with a sword in the spanish stall at the market. Posted by Hello

slicing bacon on a fire engine red meat slicer. What a beautiful machine Posted by Hello